Formulation Discovery

Immunocure provides formulation development services using Computational methods like molecular dynamics simulations to address the drug excipient interactions, their stability, and solubility. We do computational modelling for various roots of administration for a given drug and for nano-drug delivery systems.

The design of stable dosage form with patient acceptability and having desired effects is crucial in formulation R&D. Development of pharmaceutical formulations / preformulations is a complex task and most of the scenarios, it is developed on trial and error basis.

Immunocure understands the interaction between the excipients and the active drug of the formulation in molecular level and identifies the suitable excipient to increase the solubility / miscibility, stability, pH dependency of the formulation.

Stability of the formulation:

Miscibility/Solubility/compatibility of the excipients with the active drug is one of the major issues for the stability and the shelf life of any formulation. To address this issue of miscibility, Immunocure will calculate HSP (Hansen solubility parameters) using machine learning and molecular dynamic simulations of the formulation to screen suitable diluents for the stability.

Thermophysical stability:

During the manufacture and also during storage in various thermal conditions, the formulation should be stable and should not be degraded. The diluent combination used in the formulation will provide the thermo-stability and shelf life. Immunocure will screen the diluents having optimal glass transition temperatures (Tg) using ML and molecular dynamic simulations to increase the thermophysical stability of the formulation.


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