Discovery Chemistry

Discovery Chemistry

Discovery chemistry (Medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry) services:

Immunocure offers support and advice for executing a complete project plan for early drug discovery and development projects in different therapeutic areas.

We are involved in the following activities:

  • Strategic planning starting from target identification, druggable site selection, design of new structural scaffolds, hit identification, and hit to lead optimization processes.
  • Multi-step synthesis of active fragments, new structural scaffolds, and prediction of lead analog(s) from various pre-clinical bio-assays.
  • Evaluating basic pharmacology parameters of lead analog(s) like solubility, partition coefficient, stability, metabolism, ADME, membrane penetration ability, toxicity properties by in vitro and in silico studies to determine drug-like characteristics of lead analogs for particular therapeutic target.
  • Evaluating complete prior art landscapes for predicting niche area of the project that would have a good IP scope.


Expertise in handling various sensitive chemical reactions, multistep synthetic process, and scaling up reactions from mg to gm scale. Experienced in predicting optimum synthetic routes with good yield and purity.

Good handling experiences in multiple fields like heterocyclic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, organometallic chemistry, natural product synthesis, nucleoside chemistry, peptide chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, boronic acids and analogs and many others.

Process Chemistry

Expertise in optimizing multistep synthetic process with good yield, and > 95-98% purity. Preparation of technology transfer documents and licensing of the technology.

In-silico collaboration

The computational chemistry capabilities of the company are an additional advantage to the discovery programs. These are used for predicting hit molecules, hit to lead analogs, and finally determining drug-like molecule(s) against a particular target protein.

The drug discovery program of Immunocure would reduce the iterations in designing, synthesizing, and evaluating biological properties of a lead analogue(s), and will accelerate the discovery of drug like molecule(s) for a given therapeutic area. Finally, our infrastructure facilitates delivering projects in a cost-effective manner within the stipulated time.

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