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Medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry services:

Immunocure offers medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry services for all the drug discovery projects in different therapeutic areas. These services are the intersection of organic chemistry synthesis, various biological aspects, and pharmacology. This has to be dealt with an interdisciplinary approach which starts with hit identification, hit to lead and followed by lead optimization. Medicinal chemistry decisions are the most vital part of the discovery that will drive the programs safely in every single step. For better performance a variety of conditions has to be considered such as potency, stability, selectivity, polypharmacology, bioavailability, efficacy and safety. To decide the patentability of a program, medicinal chemistry has a major role in understanding the broad spectrum of chemical space. Our infrastructure facilities can help you to achieve better results in very less time. Our team which has wide experience in all the above characteristics and Immunocure is a better option for all the types of discovery programs.

Medicinal chemistry services are designed as per the client requirements, but in general have the following steps.

  • Design and synthesis: Designing of the synthetic route is critical before proceeding for synthesis. Our highly experienced team has the capability for designing better synthetic routes which are optimal and give high amounts of yield and purity.
  • In-silico Collaboration: Computational chemistry capabilities of the company is an added advantage to the discovery programs. These are used for better optimization of the molecules.
  • In-vitro & In-vivo collaboration: Based on the results from in-vitro and in-vivo, molecules can be further optimized to perform better in the further process.

Immunocure will reduce the iterations in designing, synthesis and biological evaluation of a program and will accelerate discovery with high quality.

Synthetic chemistry services

When working on the synthetic encounters of any chemical molecule, Immunocure will be the right companion to pact with. At Immunocure, an experienced chemistry team with strong synthetic execution competencies is at the forefront to help you to cross that extra mile in completing your milestones. Strong synthetic route designing capability to support lead generation and lead optimization followed by strict implementation and structure elucidation of chiral and achiral compounds is the essence of the team Immunocure. The team has dealt with different types of chemistry such as heterocyclic, asymmetric, microwave, and multi-step synthesis and delivered different chemical moieties according to the needs of the customer.

Chemists working at our lab

Heterocyclic chemistry

In specific, all the drugs obviously have a boundless variety of heterocyclic rings that are vital for the diverse properties

  • Immunocure was well versed with inspiring transformations that appear incredible to achieve and this is a major driving force to design and deliver synthetic chemistry services that subsequently give a great value in creating customer satisfaction.
  • The intention is not only to deliver results but at the same spell to embrace sustainable and green principles such as site‐selective convergent synthesis and cascade reaction strategies, coupling of different fragments with functional group acceptance, careful C, H-bond activations with nominal involvement of protecting groups.
  • Whether it is a quinoline, Indole, pyridine, pyrrole, furan, pyrrolidone, or piperidine-based molecules or the combination of different heterocycles, Immunocure is ready for the creation and manipulation of heterocyclic compounds of the client interest.

Asymmetric synthesis and transformations

Immunocure understood that most of the building blocks in chemistry have a high degree of chirality and various enantiomers will often react differently.

  • Understanding the complexity of the project, discovery chemistry team at Immunocure can synthesize any compound by choosing the stereoselective or stereospecific reactions that favours the construction of chiral molecules.
  • In dealing with the asymmetric transformations the chiral pool synthesis or chiral auxiliary approaches will be undertaken for the better results.

Organometallic chemistry

Immunocure offers a wide range of organometallic compound synthesis services which is one of the complex types of chemical synthesis process with high grade selectivity and tremendously pure end products.

  • The team can perform air or moisture sensitive stoichiometric reactions, transition metal catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of organometallics, metathesis reactions and c-h activation reactions with high confidence.
  • The expertise in using organohalides as precursors for organometallic synthesis will give a tremendous advantage to the client in achieving their goals.
  • Immunocure organometallic chemistry capabilities include the usage of organohalides, lithium metals, boronic acids preparation, C-C, C-N, C-O coupling and heterocycles synthesis from organometallic intermediates.

Focused library synthesis

Immunocure delivers eminent focus library synthesis services to accelerate different stages of discovery projects for the clients. Capable of designing small (25-50) to medium (50-150) sized custom libraries with in-house computational capabilities. The knowledge-based approach in designing focused libraries of Immunocure achieved improved physicochemical properties, pharmacokinetic properties and evaded toxicology allied worries at diverse phases of discovery projects. This approach has given a boost to many discovery projects and improved confidence by enhancing the chance of moving the project from one stage to the other.

Focused library design follows the following criteria to deliver better results for the customers.

  • Designs may be based on the in-house scaffold collections or based on the clients’ scaffold. Different enumeration techniques will be used for increasing the probability of success.
  • Different parameters like molecular weight, ClogP, number of acceptors and donors, rotatable bonds etc, in the initial stages and solubility, permeability, toxicity in the later stages will be considered for maximum diversity of the library.
  • Diverse linked ring systems, chiral scaffolds, fused ring systems, spiro and bicyclic systems will be considered for the better results.
  • Huge collection of chemical space will be considered for novelty and this gives value to the clint in enjoying the intellectual property right without much clashes.

Natural product analogue synthesis

In the interface of chemistry and biology, natural products will be honored initial points in the hunt for extremely specific and effective chemical moieties of better biological endpoints. The team at Immunocure has an overview of innovative concepts and approaches that were used for natural product synthesis. This made us meet the challenges and complications in natural product analog synthesis. Difficulties in reagents supply and lack of strategies for structural modifications of natural product analogs will not stop Immunocure in delivering optimum results to its clients.

To simplify and rationalize the synthesis of natural product analogs, Immunocure will follow different strategies.

  • Starting from the simplest route of designing a natural product analogue by modification of its functional groups, Immunocure will use diverted total synthesis (DTS) for structural modifications in which modified building blocks plays a major role.
  • Function oriented synthesis will be used for some natural products in particular if they were derived from marine sources. The goal of Immunocure is the design simple analogues of natural products where the action is adjusted towards the envisioned application and client interest.
  • Based on the concept that the scaffolds of the natural products and their substructures will have intended biological properties, team at Immunocure can comfortably synthesize natural product analogues.

Nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry

Immunocure team has much experience in synthesizing nucleoside and nucleotide derivatives used in agro chemistry (herbicides, fungicides and insecticides), biotechnology and biology.

  • Discovery team understands the common connections and disconnections in nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry, where a glycosidic bond is involved.
  • Purines and its analogues can be prepared by elaborating purine around a C-1 imidazole sugar and unusual sugars and carbocyclic derivatives can be obtained by allylic alkylation.
  • Immunocure team can serve their customers by understanding the crucial problems of regioselectivity of base substitution and ratio of alpha : beta anomers in delivering the nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry services.
  • The team proficiency ranges in synthesis of modified amino sugar, halogenated sugars, S & N containing monosaccharides, chiral lactones, neuraminic acid and glycosidation with non-carbohydrate moieties.

Carbohydrate chemistry

Immunocure team has huge experience in developing synthetic oligosaccharides, carbohydrates and polysaccharide derivatives which has major role in studying glycochemistry and glycobiology in human health and diseases.

  • Immunocure has the ability to use a wide-ranging collection of monosaccharides for the synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives.
  • Immunocure understands the challenges in multiple functional groups and stereo centers in complex carbohydrate chemistry and serves its clients with better results.
  • Multiple hydroxyl groups with similar reactivities must be differentiated in order to create the desired regioselective and stereospecific glycosidic bonds
  • Immunocure is capable of discriminating numerous hydroxyl groups with comparable reactivities and generating the anticipated regioselective and stereospecific.

Protein degraders (PROTACs)

Immunocure can design the PROTACs using in house technology and can deliver the synthesized bivalent molecule from milligram to gram scale.

  • Immunocure team has significant understanding and practise in resolving the synthetic chemistry and analytical challenges with PROTACS.
  • Immunocure has widespread experience on modifications of target protein binders and E3 ligase molecules.
  • Multiple spacers and linkers used to make PROTACs can also be synthesized in house for fast delivery.

Peptide Synthesis

Immunocure team has good experience in synthesizing different types of linear, branched, cyclic peptides.

  • 15 to 20 AA peptides can be synthesized from milligrams to grams with more than 95% purity.
  • Stability of the peptides can be increased by developing Cysteine-rich disulphide-bridged peptides, whereas design and synthesis of peptides derivatives can be done for optimizing biophysical properties.

Analytical chemistry

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): Bruker Ascend 400 MHz and can perform 1H, 13C, 11B, 19F, 31P and 2D NMR experiments like COSY, ROSY, Hetero COSY, HMQC, HMBC
  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): Waters 2695 separation module with 2996 photodiode array detector
  • CombiFlash chromatography: CombiFlash EZ Prep system from Teledyne ISCO is a dual function purification system that enables the user to perform both Flash and Preparative (Prep)
  • Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS): Waters 2695 separation module with 2996 photodiode array detector and quattro premierXe mass.
  • Preparative HPLC: Waters 2545 quaternary gradient module with waters 2998 photodiode array detector and waters 2767 sample manager up to 2 g per injection.
  • Gas chromatography: Shimadzu GC-2010 Pro with new room compensation technology built into the advanced flow controller (AFC).
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS): Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 Ultra with GC-2010 Plus and AOC-5000 Plus PAL Autosampler
  • Lyophilizer (Freeze-drying): Labconco Freezone 1.2 Liter Freeze Dry System
  • Polarimeter: Jasco P-130
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer: UV-2450, Shimadzu
  • FTIR: Prestige 21, Shimadzu

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