Cosmetics Discovery

Immunocure provides support on cosmetic formulation optimization, safety & toxicity assessment, skin permeation & irritation, and stability using computational approaches. 

Cosmetic formulation design is a multidisciplinary and extremely challenging for the cosmetic industry.  It needs scientific knowledge. For example, the complexity of the skin… colloidal science of formulation ingredients and enriched liquids, for the development of a good cosmetic. An ideal formulation should have good stability profiles and effective in active compound delivery.

Immunocure will provide optimal solutions for cosmetic formulation by studying the excipients and interaction with the skin surface at the molecular level. Computational prediction of rheology, stability, miscibility, and surface/interfacial properties using molecular dynamic simulations and machine learning methods thus accelerate or simplify the issues of cosmetics formulations. Delivery of the active ingredients and the skin penetration will be studied with the precise in silico skin models (SC models) using MDS.

Immunocure is capable of designing nanoparticle cosmetic formulations for effective delivery.

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