About Us

Immunocure is founded by Dr. Ravi Kumar Muttineni, who is a Ph.D. graduate in Computational Chemistry. After having almost a decade of experience as a scientist in Schrodinger, Dr. Ravi teamed up with a few more promising scientists to come up with his dream project, Immunocure.

Immunocure is having a very strong team of scientists led by Dr. Ravi, who are not only experts in drug discovery but are passionate about it. Though we have founded Immunocure just in the last quarter of 2019, we are already successful in providing CRO services to 4 organizations in the US which includes a prestigious University.

Our team is proud of the results and the feedback that we have got just in the first 6 months of the company establishment. We are confident and committed to being one of the best CRO destinations in the world for drug discovery.

Financially strong and backed up by an angel from the US, we have established a company, Immunocure LLC in the US which will be our parent company in the coming months, while a back-office and research unit located in India.

We are committed to high standard professional values, integrity, confidentiality, and ethics.


Reducing the gap between disease and drug.


Our mission is to be the most trusted companion to all who are trying to accelerate their drug discovery & development process, by using our four pillars of expertise and technologies.

Superstar R&D Team

Immunocure CRO has a multidisciplinary research and development team with very efficient and knowledgeable manpower. The experience & expertise in computational and machine learning methods will reduce the bias and improves the decision-making in reaching successful endpoints. A knowledge-based innovative approach delivers the output with a high success rate.

The success of any R&D outcome depends on the co-ordination of multidisciplinary groups. Our innovative R&D team is with the right balance of skills and capabilities, who accept the challenges, come up with the appropriate solution as per the requirements of the project.

Immunocure CRO team is highly motivated in research and sets high standards of quality research. Always delivers highly reliable services for clients’ requirements. Immunocure will take the responsibility of the client research and works as if their success is our success.

We have built a strong in-house R&D system with our collaborative pipeline.

We built our team based on the three Hackman’s conditions:

 – A compelling direction
 – A strong structure
 – A supportive context for our super success

Our team is a superstar R&D team.

Immunocure’s key features:

1. High quality of research
2. Innovative approaches for a high success rate
3. Timely delivery of the results
4. Our team is available 24/7 for the discussion

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