The AI platform is an integrated technology which uses Machine Learning ML and Deep Learning DL for incorporating all the available data and train computers for increasing the speed and accuracy in drug discovery, formulations and Agro-chemicals without explicit coding for end users. AI analyzes and indicate if any chemical entity can become a drug in the early stage of discovery. It aids in target identification, validation, off target identification followed by small molecule property, Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity landscaping. Identifying optimal combination of excipients in a formulation. The proposed technology deals with processing bigdata, model generation, decision making and the results will be visualized as a customized scientific report. At the back end, it uses the technologies of AI: supervised and unsupervised ML and DL Algorithms, Natural Language Processing NLP with a well-integrated database management system. With the large datasets that possess labeled outcomes would be handled by efficient deep learning or reinforcement learning methods to construct the best predictive CRISP-DM Process models of industry standards. AI is single and first of its type platform which will integrate the data obtained from various stages of discovery and generate the knowledge hypothesis to predict the right drugs for the disease using AI.

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